Monday, July 6, 2009

Scope For The Imagination

"Isn't it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive--it's such an interesting world. It wouldn't be half so interesting if we know all about everything, would it? There'd be no scope for imagination then, would there?"
~Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Truly one of my favorite book series of all time! And favorite character! Anne's plight in life started so miserably, yet in spite of her fragile circumstances she looked beyond the moment, I believe, in order to survive. I think that I sympathized with Anne because I related to her so very well. Not that I had/have her gift of flowery speech or unique way of seeing things, but that I used my imagination to overcome times of hardship.

This ability to imagine a better life or circumstance was what nurtured that gift of creativity inside of me. God has such an unique way of helping us to discover wonderful things about ourselves...something that is a weakness in us can also be something that is a great strength. Let me explain.

For reasons only known to me (and my sweet mommy), I have had this innate drive to know everything about anything. In part, this is due to self preservation, not wanting to depend on anyone lest there is no one to depend upon. For a time this was taken to an extreme in my life to the point of alienating myself in relationships and not entirely depending upon God and his strength. I would only give so much of myself and then close off. In His great goodness, God showed me, that really, this strength I thought I had was a weakness. As I allowed God to reveal things in my life he showed me that in my weakness He is made strong, which makes me truly strong. God turned a destructive pattern in my life for good so that I had a creative outlet.

Now, I'm able to direct that hunger for knowledge in a healthy way that is not destructive, but allows me to be more confident and full of a REAL strength. I stand on such a firm foundation...I cannot be shaken! I can look back on my life and see all the incredible things that I can do because of the gifting that God had put within me.

There are so many things to discover in this world and to discover about ourselves. Look to see what inspires you and allow God to show you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made! There truly is so much scope for the imagination...

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